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Words That Rhyme with Me: Meaning, examples, list, poems

Words That Rhyme with Me: Meaning, examples, list, poems

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular and useful words that rhyme with me. You’ll also understand how to make appropriate use of rhyming words while writing or composing a poem. There’s no end to rhyming words in English, but you have to make the best judgment while writing a poem on ‘me.’ The last word of each successive sentence has to rhyme with the corresponding last word of the next sentence. 

That’s why it’s ideal to have your rhyming words list ready especially on the central ‘word’ of your poem. It will help you frame rhyming sentences about me easily without any hassle.

If you are composing a me-rhyme, you can make it lyrically wonderful if you can match the end sound of the previous line with the next one. Since you have a large number of words that rhyme with me, rhyming can be done nicely. But the rhyming with me, as a word, must perfectly match the sense of the song or poem. 

It should always be an extension of the storytelling pattern from one line to the next line. The substance of it is that the rhyming should be done with alternative words for ‘me’ in such a way that it sounds pleasant and also very easy for the little children to understand the storytelling trend and its meaning. 

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‘Me’ rhymes should also have the element of play. In other words, it should be fit enough to be recited either as a poem or sung as a chorus song. 

The best way to do this matching effect of meaning and end sound is to keep the following four points in mind while composing the rhyming song:

  • Sam Sound Effect: The end-word of the first line should have the same sound effect as used in the end-word of the second line. Like, if the line ends with me, the end-word of the second line should be thee, tree, glee or bee. You will have the same sound effect as me if you use these or similar to these words. 
  • Keeping Meaning Intact: The selection of synonyms or alternative words for me may not be difficult but what is difficult is to match the meaning of the first line with the second one. If the beginning line is of a storytelling nature, then combining the meaning with the second and subsequent lines will be a little difficult.   
  • Rhythmic Sound: In songwriting, the end-word sound effect should be of musical or rhythmic nature to make it ideal for creating jingles and chorus songs. In songwriting, expansion of the next lines matching perfectly with the sense of the previous line is quite difficult. But this difficulty can be won over by the selection of proper alternative words for me and their exact application in making the sound-effect flow nicely. 
  • The Use of Phonetically-Similar Multiple Alternatives: The use of multiple end-words with the same sound can make the poem sound very lively. Frequent use of the word me should be avoided. Once the me-rhyme begins, you must consult a dictionary to find alternative words with the same sound to substitute me or its alternative words. 

You now know that vocabulary forms the most important part of composing songs in rhyming style. 

Words That Rhyme with Me Meaning

 Me, as a singular word or syllable, means myself (i.e. also I, personifying Self). Since me is a popular word used for making rhymes primarily for children, you have to do a lot of research in finding alternative words for it. 

This is due to the reason that finding words having the same sound effect me may be easy as you have hundreds of such words but making sense in a rhyming scheme may be difficult. What should matter to you in the selection of such words is to make sense in continuation of the subject matter or a storyline woven in the poem or song. 

For example, if you are making a poem about a turtle coming ashore to make friendship with a little boy, you can rhyme me with such sound-matching end-words as see, sea, she, thee and we

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Their end-sound effect is the same and these words can also be used to match the sense of the previous sentence or line with the next line. You must, however, keep in mind that these lines must match the storyline or plot you have woven around a poem or song. 

For example, we can take the following poem on turtle Tim and boy Jim: 

A Fun-Filled Day for Jim & Tim

Turtle Tim, Turtle Tim, tell me, tell me,

What is life below the deep blue sea?

Do you play funny climbing upon a tree?

Or frolic in water absolutely free?

Jim boy, Jim boy, turtles floating in the sea,

Are always on a dancing spree,

Follow me, I now teach thee,

How to dance in sand lying free!

Come then boy Jim, come with me,

Turtles always dance with glee.

Whether it is sand or sea,

Turtles love dancing on a spree!

Jim boy, Jim boy, run, jump with me,

In the sandy sea bed so free…

With no house, hut or tall tree,

That is how turtles dance with glee!

Turtle Tim, turtle Tim, come to me,

It is evening, time to go to the sea.

Come, come, follow me,

Said the Mamma turtle named Naomi!

Will you come to see me?

Yeah, for sure Jim boy, I tell thee,

Turtle Tim, saying this, jumped into the sea…

Jim boy said tomorrow I see thee!

This children’s poem has a story plot, a storyline and rhyming words at the end of each line to make it sensible and sweet. Children will have no problem understanding this poem which is about a sea turtle and a little boy. Instinctively, little children like to play and also love to see sea creatures. Here, a turtle can fit in their imagination. Their imaginative power will further grow as the song relates to playing, dancing and merrymaking on sea sand. 

How are the words that rhyme with me helpful?

Every rhyming word has some specific features. Some words can help complete the rhyme scheme doing full justice to the sense and extending the storyline to a logical conclusion. But some words may be similar to the meaning of such words as me but may not fit in the continuation of the end sound and sense of the poem. For example, I and myself may be similar to the meaning me but they cannot be used to rhyme a sentence properly. 

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Similarly, if you are asked to rhyme with I or myself, the word me may not be helpful to you to complete the sentence rhythmically. Hence, you have to be quite selective in finding the words that may be helpful to you to compose the poem with the end sound me. For example, you can always rhyme, depending upon the storyline and sense, me with such words as wee (meaning early morning or small hours), flee or flea, ye and bee or be. They have almost the exact sound effect as me. This should be your poetic tip while composing a rhyme for children.

Let’s take another example of a ‘me’ poem:

Why Me Is Different

Every guy is handsome,

Witty, charming, and winsome. 

And so, as me,

Let it be!

I too have a good look,

Plus, lots of wisdom from various books. 

To be honest,

Girls avoid talking to me… 

Even though they look the best, 

Yet they act too shy & blushy! 

Even if I approach first, 

To say something, 

They listen just, 

But say nothing! 

This behavior often surprised me, 

Do I look ugly or creepy? 

Many times, I overheard… 

They find me cool, suave & sexy! 

Most girls act too shy, 

& rarely greet me hello & hi! 

Though, I’m friendly to all, 

But no flirts or talking small. 

I utter where it matters,

That’s why I got fewer friends and more haters!

[In this poem, the poet describes why he is different from others. Girls avoid talking to him—just because he’s handsome? But then, in the end, he described that he got fewer friends because he is someone who speaks from the heart. He is blunt, not politically correct or diplomatic.]

List of words that rhyme with me

In the English dictionary, hundreds of words can rhyme with the me-sound at the end of the line or sentences. You may not find it difficult to find and use such end-sounding words. 

To exemplify, if you are composing a song with me as an end-sound, you can continue the next line with words like Sophie (name of a girl- you can use it as Little girl Sophie, came unto me), Brie (a soft surface-ripened cheese with whitish rind and a pale yellow interior), knee, plea, pea and we. In such end-words, the sound-effect matches me. Hence, you can easily rhyme these words with me.   

Some other words that rhyme with me are: bee, glee, fee, he, pee, and see among others. But merely finding rhyming words won’t help, you have to use these words in sentences in such a way that they sound good and also explain the gist of the poem without any problem.

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Rhyming sentences about me

In songwriting, what matters to you is your ability to rhyme sentences with me as end-sound. The framing of sentences plays the most important role in it. If you can start the sentence with another word for me and end it with either me or any other word that ends with a similar sound, your poem or song will be liked by the children. 

Here’s another beautiful poem depicting the ‘poet’s sense of an imaginary garden.’

My Dreamy Garden

In my garden,

There’s not a drop of rain.

Everything is so pristine and green,

Indeed, a beautiful scene.

Nature is cool,

Happiness is bountiful, 

The big-big trees,

As long as they can be!

Blooming Jasmine and Rose,

Giving a beautiful pose.

Not all good things stay forever,

And I lost my garden…

Inundated due to heavy rain,

The pain I experienced—that I’ve felt never.

But it was just a dream…

Something that I found more interesting than ice cream.

If you read this lovely poem, here the poet tries to describe the dreamy garden that he saw one night. He explained all the essential elements of the dream to his readers. But then, in the end, the garden was not real. It was just his dream. But he admired that it was more beautiful and even, interesting than ice cream—a dessert he likes most. 

The importance of sentencing in a rhyming scheme arises out of the reason that flexibility and beauty of the poem, jingle or song depend much on it. For example, if you are framing a sentence about me, select the matching words having similar sound effects. For example, if you begin your sentence with a rhyme with the theme of a little boy use innovative sentences to make it play-like. The sentencing in each line of the poem must match perfectly as far as its end sound is concerned.  

Synonyms of me

You don’t have very many synonyms for me. This becomes a poetic challenge as the concluding word should make an extension of sense of the earlier line as well as the sound effect ‘me’. 

Often the synonymous words may not have the same sound effect at the end. Here, you will face a major problem in pairing the synonyms with me. This reason makes it imperative that you be selective in synonyms that have the same sound effect or at least similar phonetic-property. 

For example, synonyms of me can be I, myself, her, him, you and them. Thus, the synonyms are limited as far as me word in rhyme is concerned. You practically have limited substituting words for me with a similar end sound. This can be a major poetic challenge to you.   

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In Conclusion

Me rhymes set in a proper linguistically schematic way can be lyrical and rhythmic. In fact, me is a common rhyming word that is mainly used in poems, lyrics, songs and storytelling types of anecdotes. If you are rhyming me for the little children, try to make it fun with a play theme relating to a group of friends, animals, nature, and marine life like mermaids, fairies and ghosts. 

Little children take interest in such rhymes with lively themes woven around a story. If you are relating it to play, it will be more interesting for them. If me rhyme is about a dream of a little girl meeting a fairy or angel, it can further enhance their interest. The imagination of little children takes free flights. 

They are not bound by any rationality, logic or argument. They live in their own dreamy world. If you can include all these elements in your me rhyme, it can be liked much by the children.     

What do you think?

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