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Words That Rhyme With Love Meaning | Poems & Examples | List

Words That Rhyme With Love Meaning | Poems & Examples | List

Love is one of the most common themes of songs and lyrics are woven into the rhyming scheme. This literary tradition had been continuing for centuries together. It is due to this reason that you find a large number of alternative words to love in the rhyming glossary. 

Love, as a theme, also generated different ideas for rhyming schemes because the connotation of this particular word (Love) has wide application areas. A love rhyme can be sung for a single person or for a chorus. 

When you try to understand love thematically, you find that it is a powerful word that can create emotions of profound nature. It is directly related to your personal feelings, sensuality and emotive aspects of your heart. No wonder love rhymes turn out to be one of the most beautiful songs. 

How are the words that rhyme with love helpful?

Love may be a singular word but it has a large variety of words that rhyme with the central theme (Love) to make a poem or song supremely lyrical. Such lyrics turn out to be extremely appealing, often connecting with your heart and internal feelings. 

The reason for this is the fact that human beings will find existence meaningless unless it is interwoven with love. Can you imagine a love-less society? No, it is impossible to find land anywhere in the world where love does not exist in its multiple forms. This makes the word Love extremely powerful.

There are a large number of words that rhyme with Love. We are listing some powerful words that perfectly match a song or poem while rhyming their sentences. You can even use them as synonyms to love: affection, attraction, emotion, fond, lover, beloved, and many more. 

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But don’t forget love is an eponym of sacrifice, too! You can take a leaf out of any love poem especially those that deal with heartbreaks or breakups or not getting love in life in order to keep one’s significant other happy.

Falling in Love—An Inexplicable Feeling

Once you feel butterflies inside your stomach,

It means you’re definitely liking someone so much.

The sky is the limit,

And so is your fondness for someone special.

No matter, how much time it takes,

There’ll be a meet between both dates!

As both hearts meet,

Destiny awaits that romantic feat!

If thinking about him or her,

makes your heart flutter,

and in front of them,

you don’t know what to utter,

you crazily smile or stutter.

Only love is to blame!

One who loves you will overlook these,

and finds you cuter!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,

With love, you grow brave and younger.

Keep love inside your heart,

and feel its magic,

you will always feel happy and never fall sick!

 In the above poem, the poet describes why love is essential in everyone’s life. Love not only releases dopamine or happy hormone to let you feel refreshed and happy but it also makes you feel brave, determined, courageous, and young.

These syllables can be easily used to rhyme with the meaning of Love in different senses. To exemplify, you can say Love is Oceanic Deep or My Love is Mountain High

When you are rhyming a love song, your selection of words depends upon the connotation of Love-feeling. If you are expressing your love to a man or woman in terms of the vast sky, you can say Under the Canopy of Blue Sky, You Are the Most Ardent Lover and so on. It all depends on how you want to convey your feeling of love to your significant other.

List of words that rhyme with love

There are a group of words that rhyme with love in perfect harmony with the nature of your expression of affection and respect (in terms of Love). This is due to the reason that Love can be for a father towards his children, a wife’s affection for her husband, a soldier’s love for country and a person’s fondness for nature (in a greater philosophical sense). 

What matters here is the art of the craft of expressing your feelings. Naturally, you have to select the word that expresses the feelings and (at the same time) rhymes to make it lyrical. 

In the expression of love through different words, the lyrical touch is as important as the meaning of the word used to complete the rhyme. Words that pronounce almost the same as love are dove, glove, drove, Jove, nerve, pove, prove, rove, trove, wove, and others. There are a large number of alternative words too to denote love.

For example, you can use terms like joy forever, significant other, someone special, sweetheart, enamour, honeyed touch, mine, and so on.

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The words are very much expressive. In love, it is your expression that matters supreme. The word Love would not have any meaning unless your expression of Love is appealing. To make the rhyme rhythmic, appealing and heart-stirring, these words can play their wonderful roles. 

An Example of a heart-stirring poem

Love Is A Mistake

Day by day, 

a bit by bit, 

I”m distancing myself from you…

forgetting all the colours of love,

and their hues!

I loved you wholeheartedly,

you showed some acceptance,

but nonchalantly. 

I will love you still,

But my heart is already broken,

first of all, let it heal.

In my eyes, mind & soul,

you were my life’s uttermost goal.

It was my first love,

I was a bit more excited and impatient,

You crushed a blooming heart,

which still beats sans excitement.

You never realized my sentiment or pain!

I am sorry,

I loved for the first time,

but all went in vain.

You mistook my love as fake,

I moved on— still trying to figure out,

“Was loving you — a big mistake?

In this poem, the poet uses multiple words to define his/ her longingness for the most beloved person. It means the other person has simply turned down the love proposal that came from the other side. It’s such an emotional-yet-beautiful poem, which not only signifies how life without love can become so miserable!

Rhyming sentences about love

When you are composing a song or lyrics, thematically expressing or representing Love, you must be careful enough to select the sentences to give the finest touch to your literary creation. Mind you, it is the expression of your feelings towards the object of your affection, fondness and love that matters supreme. 

Naturally, your song or lyrics would not be meaningful enough unless you pair the sentences with exact sentences. Here, your poetic mastery is put to test. This mastery totally depends on how you select the sentences to rhyme with the central theme of Love. Since the word Love has wide and varied connotations, the selection of sentences also has to be done accordingly. 

Mind you, Love is a matter of the heart. It may be for patriotism for a soldier fighting for his love of the country or a young woman’s deep sense of belongingness to a young man. Love can be for adolescents (love)-a relationship between two living souls. 

That is why you have to be selective in rhyming with sentences that convey the meaning and also sound lyrical. There are a large number of such sentences that you can use to express love. Since a rhyme is when the concluding part of two words sounds (phonetically) similar, the same or nearly the same sound, the selection of sentences is of primary importance. 

Here are a few sentences that rhyme nicely with a song or lyric. If you observe closely, you’ll follow a rhythmic pattern in them. These lines perfectly reflect how you can easily compose a love rhyme, making proper use of emotion and words that can relate to love or affection.

  • I trek miles to see you smile.
  • Love me true, don’t rue! 
  • Under the starry heaven, let our love happen.
  • In the sandy dunes, let us hum love tunes.
  • My love has oceanic depth, fathom it with the right step.
  • Your separation leads me to desperation.
  • Your sparkling eyes captivate mine.
  • I see you smile even if separated by a mile.
  • Deep inside my heart, there lives a bird.   
  • My love takes a free flight like a dove.
  • Sprawling like a dove, so my love flies above.

Rhyming sentences can be difficult but with proper selection of words can make it easy and meaningful. 

Synonyms of love

Love is a word that has many synonyms and alternatives. While composing a rhyming poem, you can select them to express the meaning and feelings. Love, as a poetic word, is an expression of various types of relationships, emotions and feelings. 

It has romantic and platonic connotations also. It also construes unconditional surrender. It also relates to success or failure in a personal relationship. Love also relates to devotion, adoration, admiration, intimacy and affection. It is due to the different connotations that the word Love has many alternatives and synonyms. Such synonyms can be used as per the theme of the poem. 

The other way of saying love is to use words having similar meanings but different pronunciations. Instead of love, you can use adoration, admiration, appreciation, idolization, infatuation, dedication, amore, yearning, passion, desire, and others.

For example, in the following poem, the poet uses multiple ways of describing what love feels like in reality. But in the end, it’s an unexplained mystery. 

When In Love

If you ever fall in love,

You’ll see butterflies and doves.

So energetic and attractive you may look,

you can dance, daydream or cook.

You wake up early morning,

wanting to meet him or her again,

even if it thunderstorms or rains.

Don’t forget, love is always a sweet pain.

Not seeing him or her,

Your heart will pound more,

You will get lost in thought,

And your mind will be almost,

like a puzzle— dot, dot and dot!

No matter, how many people you meet,

That person will be your heartbeat.

When they smile,

your heart melts,

Your significant other is the one,

Whose love can be felt,

Every now and then,

Even if they are away from you many miles!

When you are in love,

An unexplained pleasure to fill your nerves!

Though there are many synonyms of love, these words are commonly used in lyrics, songs, and poems. 

The use of these synonyms depends upon the situation that your poem or song is describing in relation to a man and woman in their personal liaison. 

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As a theme of poems and songs, love is being used by poets and lyricists for centuries together. Love is a very living theme. As a central point of a poem or song, Love remains very popular all across the world. That is why rhyming in love themes is a bit difficult. However, you can successfully write love-related poems if your selection of words, pair of words, and sentences match perfectly with the broader view of your subject matter. 

What do you think?

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