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Words That Rhyme with Go Meaning, List, Examples & Poems

Words That Rhyme with Go | Meaning & List | Examples & Poems

If you are writing a song or poem using the word ‘go’, make sure it ends in a rhythm with the same-sound word. The first line’s end word should match perfectly with the second line’s concluding word. 

For go rhymes, you have a large number of alternatives. However, the words selected must be meaningful. Particularly in a go rhyme song, the words selected are very crucial. 

The scheme of rhyme with go must match the sound-part. The ending sound must be the same otherwise, your rhyming scheme will go haywire. The phonetics cannot match. You cannot create a synthesis.

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Selection of words that can be used for go rhyme should require caution as the storytelling pattern of the song should also match with it. 

The story plot for go rhyme should be selected in such a manner that it:

  • Makes sense
  • Links the theme of the line with another
  • Makes the rhythm perfect
  • The sound effect is perfect at the end of each line  

This is due to the reason that all rhymes are basically two or more words that end in the same sound though their meaning may vary a little. This does not matter but the end sound with a similar tone matters much. 

To exemplify, we can cite the following poem:

Why A Butterfly Has Colors

Butterfly, butterfly, you come and go,

You sit on a flower, sometimes on my toe.

You fly again! Why do you do so?

Why don’t you carry me also?

Butterfly, butterfly, who gave you colors?

Tell me, tell me, I am quite curious,

I am a little girl named Precious,

Did the rainbow color you to make famous?

“My little Precious, I am butterfly—Beatrice

My colored wings have a tale so nice,

I can tell you without a price,

Surely, it will bring you a surprise!

Beatrice, Beatrice, tell me the tale

Who colored you, some bright, some pale?

“Precious, my sweet, little girl

Listen to the story sitting on the grass, as I swirl!

“Long, long ago, there appeared a rainbow,

After a rain above the meadow,

My great grandma Angela…

Flew to the rainbow with a white umbrella.

Rainbow, rainbow, it is raining

You are not working; can you do painting?

Yes, yes, why not?

After all, it is not so hot!

I am in a fine mood,

And you also look good!

Angela! I color you and your umbrella,

I am rainbow, the Gabriella,

I have coloring memorabilia,

I add color to your wings, Angela,

From now on, all your children

Would have colored wings—kids, girls or men. 

Precious, this is my story of color,

That I took to time to utter,

You know now the butterfly’s secret of color,

A story that you can also tell others.

“It is now time for me to flutter,

In the garden and outer,

In search of sweet nectar

That flowers have to offer!

This is a model go rhyme. A go rhyme should ideally be linked to activities.

In this story plot, a little girl asks a butterfly why is she flying here and there? Cant she carry her also? The inquisitive girl also asks how the wings of butterflies have colors?

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This question leads to the butterfly’s narration of a fine story. In this poem, we find the last lines rhyme perfectly in sound without losing any meaning of the story. 

You can follow this method to write a poem on go rhyme!

Words that rhyme with go meaning

There are a large number of words that can rhyme with go meaning. As we have explained earlier, go as a word usually denotes activities, movements and actions. Hence, you should always weave a plot related to activities. 

Finding such words may not pose much of a problem to you if you do proper research. But you must keep in mind that such words should be supplementary to the meaning or central point of the theme. 

If you are adding a theme to your song or lyric, it should relate to a story that suits the mind of little children. They should find it interesting and funny. Since children’s imaginations can take swift flights, your storyline should also be designed in this way.     

Go rhyme suits the children as they always want to play, listen to stories or sing songs. They cannot sit idle. They are mostly in motion. They like activities. Hence, you should also develop a storyline for the song keeping the basic play-prone nature of the children. 

As rhymes for children as mostly meant for singing, the musical angle in the storyline should also be there. If you write a poem that cannot be converted into a chorus song, it will lose its real purpose. To exemplify, we can cite the following rhymed poem that is linked to action:

How Little Rat Jacob Got His job?

Little rat Jacob, lived in a furrow,

Near a shop located in a street so narrow.

Jacob sees people working in the shop,

To work there, his heartthrob.

Jacob, on one fine morning,

When the sun was shining.

Left his furrow home smiling,

No way, I am working.

Even if the shop’s owner is not paying.

Wearing shoes, shirt, tie and hat

Came walking, Jacob, the rat

Straight to the shot and sat

Waiting for the owner John Mat!

Then came John to the store

With the key, opened the door

Good Morning Sir, said, Jacob

Mr Mat! I need a job!

You and job? Nope, nope! Get out

Or else, I will call the cat—Walter Stout

Mr Mat! I am not afraid of a cat

Jacob said, bowing his hat!

I don’t need you, Jacob 

I can’t give you any job

What a rat can do in my shop?

At my shop, nobody will stop!

Little rat Jacob said I don’t like ‘defea’t

Saying this, he jumped to his feet

Jumped again at Mr. Mat’s jacket

Sneaked into its pocket

Started crying, crying and crying

Give me a job, repeatedly telling!

Mr. Mat, a man with a kind heart, felt sorry

Said no worry, Jacob, no worry

There are waste papers, go and hurry

Start gnawing them, now scurry!

Jacob, the furrow-living little rat

Now is in the service of Mr. Mat!

This poem has a story. Each and every line at its end rhymes perfectly with the concluding sound. There is harmony in sound at the end of every line. 

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How do the words that rhyme with go helpful?

There are a large number of words that rhyme with go-theme as the song or lyric progresses in line with the storyline. No good rhyme can be complete without an interesting story. 

The words like cargo, bow, Glasgow (as the name of a town or any other town ending in a similar sound) and many such phonetics ending with an O-sound or pronunciation can help create a rhyme with go.        

Such words selected must link the meaning or sense of the line previously used. In fact, the meaning should be a continuous process with the ending sound being absolutely similar or nearest to the sound of the concluding word.    

List of words that rhyme with go 

As you read Go, your pronunciation ends with an emphasis on O-sound. What is most important for you to know is that the string of words that you select must end with an O-sound at the end. 

For example, if you are using the word Row at the end of the line, your next line should also end with a broad O-sound like Grow. If you are saying my lawn’s grass needs a Mow, you must use a similar-ending sound at the end of the line like I must Mow the grass in a Row.   

This similar-sound ending will make the poem perfect and also have the element of harmony in pronunciation. 

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Rhyming sentences about go

This is very important both from the poetic sense and also sentence-rhyming. If you select sentences on go rhyme haphazardly, it will neither express poetic feeling nor express the meaning properly. 

For example, if you are saying Ronny and Rummy are ready to go, you must end the second line sounding like they desired so. You can say: Is it London, you want to go (?), Make sure there you don’t have a foe. The end sound in the sentence is similar though their meaning is different. But the sense has a direct meaning. If someone has foes in London, he should not go there to face risks or dangers. 

Go rhyming sentences you use must be simple ones so that they can match easily with the last word’s sound in a line and the next line. Syllables must be selected keeping in view the sound factor and proper sound synthesis.             

Synonyms of go

In go rhyming sentences, you can use a large number of synonyms or alternative words. The best would be to select phonetically strong alternative words having similar end-sound. You may find it a bit difficult at times while composing a rhyme as the meaning of Go may have a different sound. It can even be Move, Shift (shifting from one city to another) and set sail (in a larger poetic sense).

Like goodbye can also be used as an alternative word to ‘Go.’ But it cannot suit always. You can use it simultaneously like: I will not go without bidding goodbye to John. In this line, you find goodbye is giving a similar meaning to go. 

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You can use Make One’s Way, Taking Leave or Depart. To give examples of such synonymous uses, we can use these words:

  • Before making one’s way, one should go to close friends to meet before making the journey. 
  • Taking leave, he said he will come again tomorrow. 
  • As he became ready to depart, the postman came to deliver him a letter.                

If you are using the alternative words of go, the meaning part and even innuendo are very important. The issue of the string of words and synonyms you use are often complementary to the meaning. 

In Conclusion                             

Go rhymes are quite popular among children. This is because little children are always active and like to be busy with some sort of play or the other. Since Go, as an independent word, is directly related to action, activity and play, they like it. But rhyming go is a bit difficult as the storyline has to be in a sequence from one line of the poem to the other.                         

What do you think?

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