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Words That Rhyme with Life | Poems & Examples | List

Words That Rhyme with Life | Poems & Examples | List

In rhyming patterns, a poet or writer does not have to follow a particular uniform pattern. But what is important, the line must end with the central point or central meaning of the word that ends the sentence. New rhymes can be added to a song, ballad or poem to allow its continuity. 

Similarly, in the case of words that rhyme with life, you have to use words that mean Life or living being. There is no end to rhyming words in English. If you know how to use them tactfully in a poem, your readers will stay hooked to the poem till the last word. They should be alternative words or synonyms. In this regard, it should be noted that the sense, theme, and sound of the poem must end in a harmonious manner. 

If there is an incongruity in the meaning of Life, the rhyme is not perfect. Thus, the selection of words must be done carefully to rhyme with or nearest to the meaning of life. 

Words that rhyme with life—meaning

Rhymes with life as its central meaning had been getting used for centuries together in different forms of creative art used as ballads, songs, poetry and lyrics. They follow a particular rhyme scheme with the key point being human life. 

Life, particularly human life, is one of the most common and ancient topics of poetic creations continued for the last several centuries by English poets and songwriters. Life, as a theme or subject, had been getting used most frequently in all sorts of rhymes like Internal Rhymes, Slant Rhymes and Identical Rhymes. 

As a result, the words alternative to Life is used to maintain the rhyme scheme. There are a large number of words that rhyme with the meaning of life. 

Top words that rhyme perfectly with the meaning of life, which you can use in your poem or find in other poems can be existence, survival, subsistence, sustenance, existence, being, aliveness, personage, and living entity among others. You can use these rhyming words in your poem to make it soothing and eloquent.

How are the words that rhyme with life helpful?

Words that rhyme with life have to be selected meaningfully. Any haphazard selection may not perfectly match the exact or nearer meaning of Life. What is important for you to know is that the spelling or pronunciation of the word meaning exactly or nearer to the meaning of Life may be different but they must match the central meaning of Life. You should know that such words can help you create a song or poem rhythmic. Such words will rhyme perfectly. 

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The importance of words exactly or nearest to the meaning of Life in a poem or song is that they help you to express the thoughts and meaning of Life perfectly. Such carefully chosen words will also give a very good expression to your feeling and concept of Life. A poem or song written in a perfect rhyming scheme binds the couplets, two lines and subsequent paragraphs in a perfect way. 

If you want to evoke the interest of the reader or bind them to your rhyme in a hypnotic way, you must be extra careful in selecting the alternative or synonymous words to Life. Here, the tone or sense of the poem composed in a rhyming way may find the best expression (with the help of words depicting the perfect meaning of Life). 

Words that rhyme with life can be beneficial and helpful as they keep the emotions in the poem intact. 

Let’s take a look at this poem. It perfectly uses words that rhyme with life or the themes that surround this poem. Here the poet reminisces about good old days in his life, which have now just turned into a memory!

Life Is Made of Memories

I took many things for granted,

Now I cry for them,

As good old days got to rest, 

Remembering them… my eyes turn red. 

Each day unfolded with happiness,

Now, I have no one to even confide in my sadness,

All that was routine in those days,

Again, I may not experience that same happiness. 

Each memory counts, each memory matters,

Make every moment special, 

which no one else can shatter. 

How often lonely and alone I feel,

The void that nothing can heal.

Reminiscing about those days of my life,

I can at least smile and sigh!

List of words that rhyme with life

This list will be helpful to let you know more about rhyming words. Go through it.


Rhyming sentences about life

An exact selection of rhyming sentences about life may hold the key to your successful composition of a poem or a song. Sentences rhymed with the meaning of a poem or song matter a lot. There is a particular or specific way of using sentences to complete the life and the subsequent paragraph of the poem. 

When you are using life as the central theme of your poem, you must use such rhyming sentences that construe the exact meaning. Such sentences must be arranged in a perfect way to make the sense meaningful. This is due to the reason that Life as a word has a variety of meanings. Some related to joyous moments, some with success, some with failure and some with pathos. 

Life, thus, has different connotations. It is here where the necessity of framing the sentence in a rhythmic and meaningful way comes in. The word life also shows different moods, hearts, bodies, souls, and minds. So, you have to make the meaning appear as a whole in thematic perception. Therefore, the sentence may not be able to express the real sense of the poem unless it is composed in a harmonious manner. 

The necessity of keeping this in mind is important as Life and sentencing it with perfect harmony and unison with lines of the poetry comes in as if (Life) has multiple meanings. There are a large number of rhyming sentences about Life that may be used in composing a poem. 

We are listing below 10 such sentences that may express the meaning or sense of the poem in a better way:

  • Life is beautiful if you make it useful
  • Certainly, this is a fact that mankind’s life is uncertain
  • Take life as a jolly game, play it well
  • In your Life, go up but don’t be crestfallen if you fail
  • Life has many dimensions, but don’t always measure them in terms of success
  • Rue not if your life’s hues play a joke
  • Blissful life is a result of everybody’s solace
  • Life flows amidst blows of ill-luck
  • Open Your own Vista of Life, walk proudly on it
  • Stumbling in life’s journeys only emboldens you        

Hope the above rhyming sentences about life will help you give the idea about how you should also compose similar sentences or poetic lines/ stanzas while writing any poem.

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Synonyms of life

Life, being one of the most important English words, has a large number of synonyms. Such synonyms may vary in their usage in a rhyme depending upon meaning, turn of events, situational condition, the mood of the subject matter or person and state of mind (of the subject). A song, lyric or poem also has different aspects. 

This is due to the reason that they can be romantic, joyous and pleasant. It can be a love-themed poem, too. At the same time, there are poetic creations that fall in the category of pathos or elegy. At the same time, you have literary creations on heroics. But they are related to life, as a whole. Naturally, you have a large number of synonyms for life. 

Here is one more poem for you that you can relate to. In this poem, the poet describes how she wanted to prove herself as the best but not knowing god has something else to declare:

Life Goes On

Not knowing what was life,

With rumours are rife,

she is not the best, 

Just planet earth’s another guest. 

She went to the forest,

She climbed atop hills,

She’s not the best,

Is what everyone feels. 

She asks God to show some mercy,

The god replied back to her quickly…

‘No one is perfect,

Everyone just does her duty,

If you do good, see beauty,

You’ll experience life’s purity!

In the above poem, the poet has some doubts about herself. She doesn’t know if she is the best or not. In order to prove the same, she climbed hills and went to the forest but got no answer to it. In the end, god appeared and simply told her to focus on doing good things in life and witnessing beauty in others. That’s how she can experience life’s purest bliss. 

Here are some more synonyms of life that you can use in your life-related poems: activity, energy, agility, flurry, zest, vigour, moment, emotion, movement, motion, turmoil, response, vivacity, and others. These are the things that rhyme with life. So, whatever you write, you are free to use these words, too, while writing about life or any such relevant theme.

While writing about life, it’s expected that you or the poet may feel a little philosophical or sombre. But the idea is to keep the emotions intact without disturbing the core theme of the poem. 

Mostly, life poems or rhymes do relate to the memories of the life experience of a poet that he or she wishes to share.

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In Conclusion

Life is an eternal theme of poems, ballads, songs and lyrics. In all these forms of literary creations, the rhyming scheme plays a central role in making them rhythmic and meaningful. Often a large number of synonyms and alternative words are used by poets and lyricists to connote life. 

Such words may not end with the same sound but are linked to the meaning of Life in some way or the other. Since human life varies from person to person, the rhyming is also done by poets in a varied manner.

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