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Johny Johny Yes Papa Rhymes with Lyrics

Johny Johny Yes Papa Poem Song Rhymes with Lyrics

In this article, you can find the complete guide on the “Johny Johny Yes Papa Poem Rhymes With Lyrics”.

What Is The Meaning of Johny Johny Yes Papa?

The main character of this nursery rhyme is Johny, a small child. He is not supposed to eat sugar. But he did it. Johny’s father caught him eating sugar. So, the father asked if he was eating sugar. Hence, the father asks Johny to open his mouth. Eventually, he had to nod his head and reply “ha..ha..ha” to indicate that he really ate the sugar.

Johny now has no excuse. That is why when his father asked him to open his mouth, he simply laughed Ha, Ha, Ha! 

Johny eventually came to realize that his father had already known it. This laugh means to convey that Johny knows he has already been caught and admits that he indeed is eating sugar though he had earlier denied it. Johny Johny Yes Papa Poem demonstrates the essence of love and honesty in life.

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Who Is the Author of Johny Johny Yes Papa?

Like many other nursery rhymes, Johny, Johny Yes Papa is anonymous. Though it is one of the most popular nursery rhymes running for generations together, nobody knows who exactly composed it. 

This is an oral tradition. The children had been singing and humming Johny Johny rhymes for many decades without knowing who exactly wrote it. But it’s not rare or uncommon. If you turn the pages of English literature and nursery rhymes, you’ll come across several kids’ rhymes, which are still loved by many; yet nobody knows who wrote them.  

These poems have been orally getting transmitted over the decades in England and several other countries. In the current era of digitalisation, chuchu tv’s johny johny yes papa nursery rhyme is also telecast worldwide and has a massive fanbase.

Small children also sing and dance to this song in their nursery grade. During various school functions, the nursery students recite, sing, and dance this song. 

This trend prevails in almost all English-speaking countries and various other nations where English is the official language. Johny Johny Yes Papa is a famous nursery poem across every country in nursery standard. 

Johny Johny Yes Papa Rhyme with Lyrics

This nursery song is very popular all over the world. It constitutes an integral part of a child’s curriculum at the Nursery Grade almost globally. This trend has been continuing over the last few centuries. 

We don’t know when but it has certainly been a favourite nursery song for children at least for the last 200 years or so. It is also used as a bedtime song for the little ones. There is no historical proof of the authentic details of this playschool song. 

But it had been running as one of the best morality-oriented nursery rhymes for ages together. 

This proves the prime importance of this song for tiny tots. The nursery students often sing Johny Johny yes papa rhymes.

One of the specialties of this song is the fact that it is very much lyrical. 

This can be understood by looking at the rhyme which is reproduced below:

The Actual Transcript of Johny Johny yes papa nursery rhyme:

Johny, Johny,

Yes, papa?

Eating sugar?

No papa.

Telling lies?

No papa.

Open your mouth

Ha ha ha!

The song is written in such a way that even a small child can hum it. 

Explanation of the Johny Johny Yes Papa nursery rhyme

This is a storytelling nursery rhyme. The basic purpose of this song or rhyme is to prove the importance of honesty among small children. 

Johny could have been truthful to say that he is eating sugar when his papa questioned if he was doing so? But he said no, he is not eating sugar! 

His father, however, knows that he is eating sugar. So, he demands that Johny should open his mouth to prove that he is not eating sugar. 

Being caught that he is indeed eating sugar, Johny is left with no alternative, but to open his mouth. And that’s brought the climax to this small and sweet poem. It morally encourages kids to be honest and truthful in life. 

To reduce the anger of his father, Johny simply laughs ha, ha, ha to add jovial colours to his crime of eating sugar! Though eating sugar is not a crime or anything immoral, telling lies is not acceptable. Kids need to learn it from Johny rhymes.

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His father also excuses him as the nursery rhyme does not say anything else about his father’s further reaction. The poem stops abruptly and doesn’t indicate what happens in the end.  

This eight-line poem is sweet and crisp. The rhyme has profound moral value for the little children studying in nursery grade. 

The rhyme purports to teach the moral lesson of not telling a lie to anyone, especially parents because they can gauge whether their son is telling the truth or a lie. 

In Conclusion

Honesty is the best policy. This should be taught to little children right from their nursery grade days. Johny, Johny yes papa is an example of it. 

This is one of the oldest and best examples of father-on talk through a rhyme pattern. What is particularly noticeable is that these baby songs, including Johny, Johny and others are very much conversational between a father and a son. These poems are rhythmic and soothing to ears. 

The composition of this song is perfect. This may lead us to think it must have been composed by some English poet who is an expert in storytelling types of songs or poems for little children

The style and diction also prove the poet had a superb sense of humour and style of presenting moral teaching in a unique lyrical manner. 

What is most interesting and worth noting, the importance of truthfulness among little children has been taught in a lighter vein. However, it can have a profound impact on the psyche of a little boy who realizes that he is telling lies but to minimize his small mistake, he aims to take his father into confidence by simply laughing Ha, Ha, Ha. 

This Ha, Ha, Ha may mean he is feeling utterly sorry for concealing the truth from his father that he is indeed eating sugar. 

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FAQs on Johny Johny Yes Papa Rhyme:

Where does Johny Johny Yes Papa come from?

The origin of Johny’s Papa is unknown. We don’t have any idea about it. But the linguistic style proves he (i.e. Johny’s Papa) must have belonged to England. But this Papa of Johny is kind-hearted as the nursery song abruptly ends with Ha, Ha, Ha. 

The concluding words clearly indicate Johny’s father was not angry at him, otherwise, he would have fearfully sought excuses for eating sugar. The reason is that Johny must have stolen the sugar from the sugar container to eat it. 

Had his father been very angry, he would have rebuked him. But the nursery rhyme simply says he asks Johny to open his mouth to know the truth (though he knew it very well).

Here, the moral aspect comes to light. 

Even though papa knew Johny had stolen sugar and was eating it, he did not rebuke him but simply asked him to open his mouth. He said this to make Johny realize that he was telling an untruth and by being kind to Johny, he simply gave him a moral lesson. 

Why is Johny not allowed to eat sugar?

If a little child eats sugar more than he should, it can adversely affect his health, particularly his teeth. Sometimes, eating sugar becomes a habit of a small child. It can spoil his health. 

This is one of the reasons why Johny’s Papa must have made a rule of limited consumption of sugar that would have been best for his health. But Johny eats more sugar. Hence, his Papa was concerned about Johny exceeding his sugar consumption

Naturally, he wanted to be sure if his son was consuming sugar more than he should. Basically, all kids rhymes have a moral lesson in the end. It is the responsibility of the parent to imbibe these moral values in their kids’ lives. 

When was the Johny Johny Yes Papa rhyme released?

The original song was composed by an unknown poet a long time back. However, this song for the little nursery graders has been musically released in different parts of the world including India. The song was digitally produced when the Internet became available a few years ago. 

Now you get a large number of Johny Johny Yes Papa songs, animations and other adopted versions on the Internet. One of the earliest Internet versions of this Nursery Song appeared in 2009 to gain massive popularity. After this, the baby rhymes have been presented in subsequent years in different parts of the world. YouTube has a large number of versions of this song.

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