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Words that rhyme with high: Meaning, explanation, list & examples

Words that rhyme with high: Meaning, explanation, list & examples

If you observe closely, there’s no dearth of words that rhyme with high. But the main challenge is to use those words in such a way in a poem or rhyme that makes sense or describes something thoughtful. The very purpose of using rhyming words in a poem or rhyme is to make the poem sound melodious and soothing to the ears. In this article, we’ll take a look at the words that rhyme with high and analyse how you can write poems or rhymes using this word or other words that sound exactly as high.

There are a large number of words in the English dictionary that can be used to match the sound of high in creating a rhyme. However, the mere matching sound may not fall in the bracket of rhyming scheme unless the meaning is similar or the same. The line ending with ‘high’ or a similar sounding word must convey a sense. 

The rhyming words in English are known for their sounds. It means rhyming words should be used as the last word of each sentence in a poem to make it sound melodic. Simply by analyzing the phonetics of the last word, you can get rhyming words list and find out which words should you use and which ones you should not!

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Rhyming Words with High: A Perception

The sense or meaning of the second line must be an extension of the sense or meaning of the previous line. Without a sense, the rhyming cannot be complete. You must note that in matching with the word high (at the end of the line), there must be flexibility in the selection of words for the second line ending with the ‘high’ sound. 

The pronunciation of high used for the first time must match with the second word similar to the pronunciation of high but can have a different meaning. But this meaning must be poetically linked with the sense or feeling expressed in the earlier or previous line. It is not an easy task for poets or lyricists to construe the meaning of high as it has wide meaning-wise ramifications. 

It can be for philosophical purposes, the sentiment of human beings and the condition of a socio-political situation. Therefore, when it is being used for the children for their rhymes, lyrics or songs, the selection of words giving meaning of high also has to be special. 

Words or things that rhyme with high are bye, dye, fly, guy, hi, why and many others. It depends on what you want to convey. Once you imagine the synopsis of the central theme of the poem, it will become easier for you to complete the poem using rhyming words with high.

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Using rhyming sentences about high just for the sake of it may not serve the purpose if you are not too sure that what you want to convey through your poem. The poem not just needs to be rhythmic and melodious, but it should evoke thought and emotions, too.

There are children’s songs that rhyme with a particular story-telling type. Here, the word ‘high’ cannot be used to show serious issues meant for grown-up people or adults (like philosophical interpretation of a given situation). For the children, the high must be play-like: some action, fun, jolly-sense and a happiness-filled scene. This makes the selection of rhyming words for children quite difficult. 

Words that rhyme with high meaning

There are a large number of words that rhyme with high meaning. You must know that many such words may have different meanings but are used in rhyming schemes to allow similar pronunciation. From the angle of sense or meaning of one single rhymed line, such words must express a similar sense or meaning with matching sound at the end of the second and subsequent lines of the song or lyric. 

To exemplify, you can use the words like fly, sky, try, cry and reply at the end of the line but the final meaning must tally with the high meaning used after the earlier or previous line. Here, the synthesis part of the meaning is very important. The words must synthesize with the high meaning used in the earlier line whether it is the individual word high or an alternative word used to rhyme the word high.

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We can explain this with the help of the following storytelling rhyme for children:

How the First Dewdrop Was Born?

Falling from heaven so high

A tiny dewdrop nestled on a leaf so dry

The dewdrop heard someone cry

That was a little squirrel named Taitai!

Cry not Taitai, I came from the sky

Is your problem, so big and high?

Dewdrop, Dewdrop, our earth is so dry

We are waterless, we will surely die!

Fear not, fear not, little Taitai

God Brahma saw parched earth and cry

I was born out of His teardrop and sigh

I will fill the earth with water supply!

Tiny dewdrop jumped into a pond nearby

Filled it with water quite high

The parched land of Taitai bid goodbye

Drought-stricken earth is no more dry!

A happy Taitai and Dora, the magpie

Danced, sang and jump to touch the sky

Brahma, from heaven so high

Smiled as earth’s sorrow bid a goodbye!

In this storytelling poem, we see the rhyming scheme is in perfect synthesis with the sound factor at the end of each line. We can call it a well-schemed rhyming composition. 

How are the words that rhyme with high helpful?

There are a set of words that rhyme with high. Such syllables or words can be very much helpful for you to compose a high-rhyme as the sound match perfectly. The word high, by itself, has its own ending sound as every word has. 

If you have mastery in composing a storytelling rhyme, the selection of such perfectly sound-matching words may not be difficult. You have to do little research on the vocabulary and you will find words that match the sense and sound of the word high. Phonetically similar words are there to give the end sound of high. The only thing is that you must select such words not only to match the high sound but also to link with the meaning of the previous line to make sense. 

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Unless you can create this meaningful linkage, you cannot weave a sense in the song or high rhyme. Another important point is that storytelling rhymes should always have a happy ending. Small children don’t like pathos or unhappy ending. This happy ending part further makes the selection of alternative words for high quite difficult. Here, you must do some word-related research from the English vocabulary. 

List of words that rhyme with high

Hundreds of words can rhyme with high. This is one of the reasons why you have to be extra careful about the semantics. Each and every line in the poem or high-rhyme should be based on a logical conclusion. 

Your success in composing a storytelling high-rhyme should be in making it conversational. Like if you are saying Ramachandran’s ambition is sky-high, then the next line should end as He is near it well nigh. Here, you find there is a direct relationship between the first line and the second line. The sense of the first line is extended in the second line. 

You have to follow this in writing the rhyme ending with high. Mind you, even if you rhyme with high its beauty will be lost if you are not able to semantically match. The expressions in lyrical format must be structured. This is the primary reason why the first line’s ending word must convey a meaning in the second line and also end with the sound effect. 

For example, just take a look at this poem!

It’s High Time We Chose the Right Path

I don’t mind being wrong, 

while writing my own song. 

Nothing is perfect, 

Everything is either cloaked or naked. 

People hide behind closed doors,

Intentionally forgetting their mistakes of days of yore. 

What our lives have now come to be… 

Selfish and arrogant—not even lending hands to the needy!

In this poem, the poet intelligently uses the phrasal verb ‘high time,’ which is used to denote that something should’ve been done by now. This is the beauty of writing poems or rhymes using the word—high. It can represent multiple things even in a few single sentences.

Rhyming sentences about high

Rhyming sentences with any set of words whether it is high or any other is a lyrical art. In this art, the conjunction of words with meaningful expression is very important. This is because most of the rhymes for children should be woven around a story to make it interesting for the children and also allow them to enjoy it. 

Naturally, you cannot rhyme with high at random. You have to be quite thoughtful. This is a difficult task as the meaning of the first line’s sense as well as the ending word’s sound or syllable must be extended in the second line. 

To put it in layman’s language, you are telling a story or an anecdote not in a prosaic format but in a poetic style. Naturally, it should have diction and a distinctive style. 

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The story should also have a beginning, a mid-level explanation and finally a conclusion. All these have to be done in a lyrical form. The sound effects for such storytelling nursery rhymes on high should be simple, easy and understandable by the children. That is why selection of words that can be used to rhyme with high should be chosen selectively and meaningfully.

Synonyms of high

High, as a single word, has a large number of synonyms. Such words can be alternatively used to complete the sentence. These alternative words or synonyms can be used to substitute the meaning provided they are semantically (stand) fit with the meaning of the line (at its conclusion). If we are saying the kite is flying high, our next line should end as it is kissing the sky. Here, it is clear that we are substituting the words flying high with a matching semantics of kissing the sky. We know the kite flies in the sky and also at a considerably high level (in the sky). 

In this case, the sense is matching with the last word of the concluding line. If you are not thoughtful about the high-word synonyms, you will lose control in giving a logical conclusion to your lyric and also fail to make it sound rhythmic. High can have several synonyms like tall, big, soaring, zenith, apex, peak or apogee. Such synonyms can be used depending on the meaning of the poetic line. 

This is due to the reason that high, as a singular word, can also mean costly, dear or exorbitant. But they all relate to the price of commodities. These words may not suit a lyrical storytelling high-rhyme for children. Such words are for common use altering with high market conditions. For creative purposes like a nursery rhyme, they cannot be used. Thus, the alteration of high for synonymous purposes should be very selective.    

In Conclusion

Continuing since time immemorial, rhymes form the core of children’s literature and are one of the main substances of their playful school life. Rhymes whether it is on concluding word high or any other has so many psychological effects on little children that they even hum it in their home returning from school. They hum it at birthday parties. They hum it while playing in the garden. 

They hum it before going to bed. We know bedtime rhymes taking the form of lullabies help small children sleep well. In fact, you just cannot separate nursery rhymes from the life of little children. As far as high-rhyme is concerned, you can also make it educative besides being entertaining.    

Last but not the least, ‘high’ is one of the most frequently used words in English poems and rhymes. So, whether you are writing a poem for kids or adults, you’ve full liberty to sensibly use high and other similar-sounding words in your poem. But it should make sense from start to end. 

What do you think?

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