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Words That Rhyme With Play | Meaning & Explanations | Examples

Words That Rhyme With Play | Meaning & Explanations | Examples 

In this article, we’ll take a look at all essential aspects of rhymes that include word ‘play’ in one way or another. After reading this article, you’ll come to know plenty of words that rhyme with play. Depending upon your needs and requirements, you can easily use these rhyming words throughout the poem to explain what you want to say in a melodious manner.

Don’t forget that rhyming words in English matters a lot. Especially if you are writing poems for children and teens, your poems should contain words that rhyme or have similar syllables at the end. Keeping a rhyming word list around you can help you get the poem written. 

In the subsequent paragraphs, we’ll take a look at things that rhyme with play. Here is how you can create a meaningful poem using the word ‘play.’ Not just words, you have to pay attention to rhyming sentences about play, too. The use of rhyming words in corresponding rhyming sentences matters a lot.

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Take a look at this poem to understand, how the poet uses rhyming words in the poem while interestingly going into the nitty-gritty. In simple words, the poem shows how difficult is to understand English unless you read it regularly.

Playing with English

For a long time, I wanted to write about this,

How funny & amusing is ‘English.’ 

The plural of Fish is Fish… 

But ‘dishes’ is still the plural of ‘dish.’ 

You have nouns, pronouns…

but use vowels based on what your next word sounds! 

Learn as much as u want to,

But don’t use ‘went’ instead use ‘go to,’

While using ‘did’ in a sentence,

Because ‘did’ never syncs with verbs of past tense. 

Never forget the principles of subject-verb agreement,

Or else you’ll find yourself in a confusing predicament.

Be right with the grammar usage,

While reading, speaking and writing—as always.

So sweet, life-enriching, and so beautiful,

A language with so many emotions,

English certainly makes our lives easy & wonderful.

Words that rhyme with play meaning

The play rhymes are primarily meant for little children and nursery class students. Usually, funny words are used for such poems, jingles and songs. The lines mostly end with similar sounds or pronunciations. 

Since it is for little children, such play rhymes are composed in a way easy to understand, interesting and often funny as well to evoke interest among the little children. Special attention is used in structuring the words so that they rhyme nicely with the play theme. 

One of the specialities of play rhyme is the fact that they must be free-flowing and thematically interesting. Such rhyming composition should preferably match the play. This means the rhyme can be easily converted into a rhythmic and lyrical song that the children can sing during their play activities. 

That is why exact or near-perfect matching of the sound of words used in such rhymes is necessary. You should be selective in finding the words that rhyme with the play theme and sound harmony with the last word used (for the purpose of making the sound or pronunciation similar).  

Words that rhyme with play explanation

Play rhymes are an independent genre. The nursery rhymes, songs, poems, lyrics and jingles related to this genre are known for their rhythmic patterns. This makes the selection of syllables very important. To exemplify, we can give the following instances:

Under a lemon tree,

We all were playing free,

Then came a bird chirping,

“I am also joining you playing.”  

In this rhyme, we find that the last word has similar pronunciation. It can be easily converted into a nursery song. In the play rhymes, birds, trees, rivers, water, sky and acts match perfectly. 

Such acts are necessary as children sing such a rhyme while playing. In the above song, we find the presence of all these essential elements of play rhyme. We can give another example to further clarify this point. It is being explained in the following play rhyme:

Sunny is the day

Come, let us play

In the warmth of the sun

Let us play to have fun

In this poem, we find that it can be sung solo and in a chorus as a play rhyme. Ideally, the theme in such types of rhymes should be related to playing, group activities, solo activities and scenes of merry-making. Since a play rhyme is a repetition of similar-sounding words, the rhyming job becomes difficult. 

However, you can make it lyrical with research of similar sounding words. Additionally, each and every next line should make sense. They should be an extension of the sense of the rhyme. If you follow this, you can also add music and tune to convert it into a nice song for the children. 

This makes it imperative for you to create the poems and jingles in such a way that they can be blended with instrumental music as well as with tunes. In words, you should take care about the consistency of one line with the other bearing the same sense to complete the verse.  

List of words that rhyme with play

If you are looking for a list of words that rhyme with play, you’ll find plenty on the internet. But they should make sense. You can’t use rhyming words that match the sound but don’t mean anything. However, if you are looking for exact rhyming words with play, you can include blay, clay, flay, and many more. 

How are the words that rhyme with play helpful?

 Play, a word, denotes action, activities, merry-making and a jolly environment. If you use selective words, it can help you a lot in completing the rhyme and retaining its lyrical sense and meaning. The use of identical sounds at the end of each line can further beautify it. This is not an easy job because all words may not rhyme exactly with the play’s theme. 

We can give the following play rhyme as an example: 

After a little rabbit, we ran in the jungle,

North, south, east, west, in all angles,

We ran here and there to search,

And found it sitting under a tall birch!

In this poem, we find that the sound of the last word in each line is the same and also the lines are connected to each other in their meaning. One like justifies the other. You can do this with little research on rhyming words that will help complete the poem retaining the lyrical part, the sound aspect of the last line and also the meaning. Since play rhymes, as a genre, are related to little children, you should mould them in a story-telling style. 

For this, you have to imagine a rhyme theme or plot of the story-telling mode. Here, you have to lay special emphasis on the nature of little children who like to play and would like to play with a song. You can do this by connecting the rhyming theme directly with the playing nature of the children and their love for story-telling mode. Usually, perfect rhyme mode suits the story-telling play rhymes. 

Perfect rhyme means when the line ends with an identical sound. We can cite the following song as an example:

Come, Bonny, come, Johnny, Come ye all

It is time to play and play with a ball

Run, run, run, kick and kick the ball

And make it fly in the sky above us all. 

In this lyric, the sense is clear and at the same time, the last line perfectly matches the identical sound of the previous line. The carefully selected words rhyme with the sound or pronunciation aspect of the last word of the line. The theme also plays.

Rhyming sentences about play

 Sentencing play rhyme should follow a particular harmonious direction in pronunciation. You can sentence the rhyme with the meaning of play and at the same time maintain this vocal harmony at each and every line. 

This means you have to match the pronunciation exactly with the last word of a single line and also match the sense or meaning of the single line with the next line. The end of sentencing should also follow a conclusion of the sense or theme that you have mentioned in the above lines. 

Such sentences beautify the play rhyme and make it easy to weave in a musical jingle or with vocal and instrumental music. Here, you should keep an eye on the recitation part of it. This recitation should be such that it can be recited as a play poem and also suitable enough to delve into a musical piece or song. 

For example, if you are composing a story-telling play rhyme, you can keep the following poem as your reference:

Old lady living in the forest 

Sat with a magic wand in a turret

Her magic wand turned a rat into a bat

She made the bat fly with a white hat.   

The sentences used in this story-telling play rhyme are selected in such a way that they meet all parameters of a children’s jingle and a musical song. This poem tells a story. In the process of story-telling, the song ends with a rhyme at the end of each and every line. There is sentence-based harmony in sound and the story’s meaning. 

Synonyms of play

Play rhyme gives you the poetic liberty of using a large number of synonyms. This is due to the reason that play, as a single word, has a large number of alternatives and synonyms. However, in using such synonyms you must be selective enough to end the line (with the synonym) having the same sound effect. This means it must synchronize with phonetics or similar sounds. You cannot make the poem or jingle attractive unless you follow this method. 

We can give you the following example to tell you how way you can weave a song based on children’s play:

Some frolicsome little children

Gathered near a burning oven

To see grandmother baking pancake

Grandmother! How long you will you take?

Frolic is an alternative to play. In this poem, we have used a synonym to begin the play poem. It rhymes perfectly and tells a theme about the grandmother baking pancake and children being anxious to eat them. 

Depending upon the sense and theme of story-telling, your sentencing should also be proper to justify the second line and also the story plot of the song. Since there are a large number of alternative words or synonyms of play, you can use them freely but their end-sound factor should be the same. Without this, you cannot rhyme your play song.

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In Conclusion

Play rhymes form an integral part of children’s life. They hum the song and even imagine the song if it is woven around an interesting story plot related to fairies, angels, ghosts and other imaginary creatures. Centuries ago, the play rhymes developed as an independent genre. This genre is still running with equal importance. For all schools, play rhymes form a necessary part of the curriculum and also extra-curricular activities of the children.  

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