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Words That Rhyme with Dog: Meaning, Examples, Poems, List

Words That Rhyme with Dog: Meaning, Examples, Poems, List

In this article, you’ll learn about words that rhyme with dog. You’ve to use the word dog in such a way throughout the poem, that the last word of each sentence has to be rhythmic to the successive words that you’ll use in the consecutive sentences. The rhyming words should be used in such a way that each word in the sentence has a rhyming sequence with one another.  

Not just dog, there’re plenty of rhyming words in English. But while writing a poem, you’ve to use these words in such a way that they make sense. It’s not as simple as taking a few words from rhyming words list and start using them in a poem.

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For example, you can take a look at the poem and see how the poet uses words or things that rhyme with dogs or other animals in order to make the poem sound more interesting.

Animals And How They Speak- A Poem

I often hear dogs bark ‘Bhow-Bhow’

I often hear Hamba-Hamba from the Cow.

Meow-Meow is sweetly roared by cats,

And I bet you can’t forget the sound of gnawing rats!

Halloom-Halloom is how tigers roar, 

While oinking is peculiar to pigs and wild boar!

I heard lions roar at Zoos,

And I am really afraid of their teeth and big big toe!

In the den, tigers and lions dwell,

With their dangerous paws, claws, and tails!

In this poem, the poet describes how differently animals howl and growl. At the same time, the author makes use of rhyming words carefully so that the poem makes sense in the end. The poet also clearly mentions how the mere sight of tigers and lions freaks the shit out of him. Overall, it’s a nice short poem that educates the readers about how animals speak with each other and how they shout.

Words that rhyme with dog: Meaning and Essence

Play songs and rhymes for little children on dogs and activities of little puppies is quite a common theme as it evokes interest among them. Dog, especially puppies, is a creature that the children like most whether they are kept at home as pets or straying around the school compound. Since a dog is a creature, rhyming with this sound and meaning depends upon the sense of the sentences you use in creating a poetic line. 

This meaning of the story theme must move in a continuous process in the subsequent lines with the same end sound. In children’s songs have a dog as a theme, you have to be quite imaginative in evoking the interest of little children. Your storyline should also matter to other animals. This is due to the reason that your poem or song may not be interesting unless you include other animals. 

The song’s story may move around the dog but other animal characters must also be included to match it with the curiosity of the children. Thus, the element of what-next (?) should be brought into the poem. The storyline should also relate to the animal world, forest, river or sea and mountain. 

The following dog rhyme can be given as an example:   

Why Tizzy and Fizzy Boycotted Lazy Hog?

Little while Tizzy dog,

Fell in a bog,

Cried… ‘save me, Lazy hog’

who was sleeping in a house of logs!

I am sleeping, don’t talk…

Lazy hog said to Tizzy dog,

Sitting on a nearby rock,

Hummingbird ‘Tiktok’,

Flew to meet and talk…

to Monkey Fizzy, who was writing a blog!

“Tizzy is sinking into a bog,

Tizzy is sinking into a bog,

Come, Fizzy help him walk…

Out of the bog, of Timpy frog!

Fizzy rushed with a log…

“Fear not, you little dog.”

Croaked Timpy frog.

Fizzy stopped writing his blog,

Hearing you are in our bog!

Fear not, Tizzy, hold the log…

Fizzy then said to Timpy, the frog…

“Help Tizzy let him try and slog”

Soon Tizzy came out of the bog!

Friends we are—monkey and dog

Hummingbird Tiktok and Timpy the frog.

We will never play with Lazy hog,

We promise never to talk…

With unfriendly Lazy hog.

Who cannot save a dog,

Sinking in a bog!

Friendless now, Lazy, the hog

Always sleeps in his house of logs!

In this dog rhyme, we find that the main character is a little dog. There are other characters of the animal world which will be of interest to the little children. It has a storytelling genre. The story, being related to the animal world, would be liked by the little children. 

In this poem, you might have seen a repetition of the same words used to match the end sound. This is due to the reason that the word dog has very few synonyms or alternative words. This is quite natural as an animal does not have very many alternative words or synonyms. That is why dog rhymes may have repetition of words ending with the same sound. 

Words that rhyme with dog meaning 

In writing a rhymed song or poem on dog as the subject matter, the dog-meaning should always relate to the activities of the dog and other related animal world creatures associated with the dog. Dog, as a theme, is a popular subject matter for poems and songs. In making such songs lyrical, the main criteria should be the storyline and rhyme.

Rhyming scheme for animal world characters is difficult as any animal does not have a large number of alternative words. Hence, words selected for rhyme with dog meaning depend completely on the scene you are describing relating to your storyline. Thus, dog-meaning in rhyme is story-centric. As the story evolves, you can use different words with matching-sound to narrate the situation. You will find that dog is simply a subject. 

This subject must be matched with different other words having the same end-sound effect. Such words may not match with dog meaning but may be necessary to use to continue to the rhymed story. For example, we can rhyme lazy dog with the word like he is crazy or a jumping, bumping dog runs after a hog

How are the words that rhyme with dog helpful?

There are a set of words that rhyme very nicely with dog-ending sound. Such words may help you in composing a song related to a dog and its activities. As a songwriter, your main concern should be to select words that may give the exact meaning of the sentence with sound-matching end-words. It can help you to continue with the poem in line with its story plot. Since a dog is a lovable creature, the children would love to listen to or even recite a dog-rhymed song. 

This means the words that are helping in continuing your rhyming scheme can be used freely provided they have a direct link with the storyline. As a songwriter, you should know that dog, as a single word, has very few matching-sound alternatives. For example, a dog’s alternative words can be canine, puppy, pooch and cur. The words like greyhound, hound or watchdog can only be used as an extension of dog-meaning. 

They cannot directly alternate for dogs. Hence, the words that may be helpful to rhyme with dog-sound have to be chosen from outside the direct meaning of dog like cur or canine. For sound matching with a dog rhyme, you have to use such words that match the next action in the story.

For example, you can write dog Timmy came running, followed by Jimmy leaping. Here, you find that dog as a word is used as a living object, but the subject is its action like Timmy came running and Jimmy came leaping after. 

List of words that rhyme with dog

The words that can rhyme with dog (as an end-sound) depend completely on the sense of the storyline. It is quite common that a poet will use different animal and bird characters to frame the sentence of a poem that has a dog as the principal subject matter. For example, we have such alternatives for dogs as puppy, canine or cur. But they have no matching end-sound with the sound effect of a dog. 

This necessitates you as a songwriter or poet to match the end sound with other animal or natural creatures like hog, log, smog, mock, rock, bog, clock and talk. Though these words are nowhere nearer to the meaning of dog, they can be used to construct the sentence with the words being used at the end to create a perfect sound-effect as dog. But the literary problem with dog rhyme is that you don’t have a large number of such end-matching sound-effect words. 

Hence, you are left with no alternative but to use them frequently. For this, framing sentences in line with the theme or storyline will be a bit difficult. But you can do it using your imaginative power and ability to rhyme the song.      

Rhyming sentences about dog                

In rhyming sentences about dogs, what should matter to you is the storyline. Continuation of sentences should be more important than using the word dog at the end of each line. The reason for this is that the sound effect of alternative words for dogs does match the last sound effect of the line. 

This makes sentencing and rhyming quite a difficult task. For example, the words like fog, knock, lock or talk are not synonyms of dog yet they match perfectly with the end sound of dog. Hence, you can use them to rhyme the sentence. But you have a create a particular storyline in which you can use these words.

For this, you have to make the sentences quite flexible in meaning so that such words can fit in perfectly. This necessitates you to develop the story plot, preferably involving animal characters, by selecting a large number of rhyming sentences. 

This may be time taking for you. But sentences cannot be rhymed unless the end sound is the same. For this, you have to delve into your poem’s subject or story perfectly in line with such words. 

Synonyms of dog  

The synonyms of dog, as we have already explained above, are in short supply in the glossary. This is the reason why synonyms of dog should better be substituted by words that make sense in the continuation of your storyline. A dog is active, loves to play, loves to make friends and always follows his master. If you use these elements in your storyline, you can use synonyms like cur, hound, greyhound, pup, puppy or canine but in the early part of the sentences. For example:

The Hero Toby Dog

In the canine-folk, Toby the dog

Is a matter of common talk

As he fought with a log

Hitting the big-fat Joby hog

Who hung a chain with a lock

In his neck and always talk

I am mightier than you Toby dog

Can you fight with a hog?

Courageous is Toby, the dog

Hit Joby with the log

Jungle folk always talk

How Toby defeated the hog 

Hero is the Toby dog

Zero is the Joby hog!   

In this song, you find we are not using any alternative words or synonyms for dogs. Yet it is quite rhythmic having words that match with the end sound and also the storyline. 

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In Conclusion

The dog rhyme is quite popular all across the world. A dog is a lovable pet. The children love them. They play with them, walk with them in the park and even run with them. They name the pet dogs, often using funny words. The dogs and puppies also love the children and follow them wherever they go. 

This is one of the primary reasons why there are a large number of dog-rhymed poems circulating in almost all countries of the world. But the success of dog rhyme depends on how you have woven the storyline making it fit the thinking process of the little children. Little children are by nature naughty and frolicsome like puppies and little dogs. 

To match the imagination of the children, your dog rhyme should be full of action showing the activities of the dog and other animal creatures that come in the scenario of the plot or storyline. Dog, as a singular character, may not have the same thematic relevance as in association with other creatures like monkeys, hogs, cats, rats and birds.                      

What do you think?

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