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Words That Rhyme with Bed, Meaning | List & Examples

Words That Rhyme with Bed, Meaning | List & Examples

In this article, we’ll take a look at bed rhymes plus the words that rhyme with bed. Here, you’ll understand everything about poems that use bed as the central theme throughout the poem. You’ll also learn about some more rhyming words that are similar to bed.

We’ll also explain rhyming words in English and other aspects of bed rhymes, which are hugely popular among kids and infants. But you should know that lullabies and bed rhymes are a bit different from each other.

If you check the rhyming words list, you’ll see lullabies have a different set of rhyming words while bed rhymes use a complete set of other words. In either case, you’ll come to know about various things that rhyme with bed and how can you use them in your bed poems or rhymes.

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Words that rhyme with bed—Introduction

Bed rhymes are very popular among little children. Often, they listen to bed rhymes before going to sleep. The nature of imaginary themes of such rhymes relates to mermaids, fairies, angels, superheroes, Santa Clause, animals and birds.    

Your right composition of bed rhymes should conclude with an ed-sound. This is because the poem or lyric sounds perfectly in harmony if ending with a similar sound. The vocal element is extremely important for bed rhymes. 

Bed Rhyme is considered one of the finest literary crafts for children. It helps them grow their power of imagination. Being children, they would love to hum such rhymes if ending with identical vocal elements or similar-sounding syllables at the conclusion of the rhyme. 

Bed rhyme sound patterns should be composed in such a way that the children can easily memorize them. Ideally, a story should be woven around such bed rhymes as the beauty of it will grow if an imaginary theme or plot is attached to it. 

The theme, plot or story must have a particular sound pattern so that they can be easily added with instrumental music and also a vocal element (singing solo, group or in chorus).

Words that rhyme with bed: meaning and explanation

Your selection of words and syllables should relate to children. Children going to bed, sleeping in bed, dreaming while sleeping, and reading rhymed-story ideally match with bed rhyme. 

Such rhymes should be interesting to evoke the interest of the little children and also designed to spark their imaginations. If you relate your bed rhyme with a dream, it would be liked by the little children. 

Such dream-related bed rhymes can have imaginary creatures like phoenixes, unicorns, mermaids, golden geese, flying horses and dragons. If you are composing a bed rhyme on golden goose, then the end sound should always be oose, loose and noose. 

Another important point that you should note is words that rhyme with bed meanings can also be used in making such songs or lyrics. It would be ideal if the jingling pattern follows a perfect harmony in its sound factor. 

As a single word, bed has a wide variety of meanings. It can connote rest, spending time, cosiness and comfort. To make sense of your rhyme on bed, you can match these words with the sense or theme of the jingle. 

Words should tally in their meaning with the subject matter or theme. Much can also depend on your activities. For example, if the children are sunbathing on the shore of a sea or river, you can say they are lying on a sandy bed. If you are narrating a scene of a ship sinking, you can say the ship took to its riverbed. 

List of words that rhyme with bed

You’ll find several words that sound almost similar to bed. For example, if you start from A to Z, you can zero in on words like Aid, bed, dead, fade, head and many more. But the real issue is to accommodate these words inside your poem in such a way that they should make sense with the focused keyword.

In this case, when you are using bed as the central theme of your poem, you must check out relevant words that you can use in the rhyme without disturbing the core concept of the poem. Bed rhymes are popular for children, so you should use relevant similar-sounding words that are soothing and melodious.

Check out the list of words that rhyme with bed here:

How are the words that rhyme with bed helpful?

In expressing your poetic thought, words that rhyme with bed are helpful to maintain the jingling pattern and lyrical trend. If the end sound is similar, the beauty of such songs and lyrics will go up automatically. Such lyrics would be pleasant to hear. 

We can give the following example of how the words that rhyme with bed can be helpful:

Mermaid and Mary

A little mermaid lay in a sandy bed,

Mary found her dress was red,

Mary thought can she be her friend?

Mary moved step, by step,

Her footsteps sound,

Made the mermaid look around,

Hey mermaid, I am Mary,

Hope, you are not in a hurry?

No, no, no, I will not jump into the sea,

Unless my friend honey bee…

Comes and hums!

Can you make me your friend?

My lovely, little mermaid!

Mermaid nodded her head,

Saying “my name is Scarlet Red,

How do I call you?”

My name is Mary,

The little girl said.

“Can we play to be merry,

If you’re not in a hurry.

Scarlet Red played with Mary for a long,

They sang many songs.

Then came honey bee humming…

The Sun is setting

It is time! Stop playing

Saying goodbye Mary

Scarlet Red dived into the sea.

Wake up, Mary wake up!

Rubbing her eyes, Mary found Mumma near her.

Mama, where is my little mermaid?

It’s in your dream, my kid!

Last night you dreamt of her sleeping in bed!

In this poem, you find how the words selected rhymed around a story making it lyrical and following a particular pattern regarding the last word having an identical sound. The poem is woven around a story. 

This is the story of a little girl Mary dreaming of finding a mermaid. She made the mermaid her friend and played up to the sun going to set. To make the poem and story interesting, we are using a honey bee, which is Scarlet Red’s friend.          

The background of the dream dreamt by Mary further makes the poem interesting. The entire poem follows its sequence and ends each line with a similar-sounding word. You can find that each and every line rhymes perfectly. The theme is bed. 

Rhyming sentences about bed

The rhyming sentences with bed must follow a particular lyrical pattern. It can be words related to sleep, dream, reading bedtime storybooks and similar thematically structured words and sentences. 

The sentences should be meaningful matching the theme of the rhyme or song. If proper sentences are not used, lyrical structuring may not be possible. Sentences can be both short and long but must make proper sense. Sometimes, you can also use phrases, idioms, proverbs and usages. But short and independent sentences are always ideal to add a special effect to the lyric or poem. 

Most nursery rhymes or rhymes for little children follow storytelling mode to entertain and evoke the interest of the little ones in such creations. But sentences for story-based rhymed songs with bed meaning may be difficult. 

The most important part of sentencing the lines happens to the adherence to the rhyming scheme. Unless the schematic part is followed, the sentencing cannot be proper. Besides, the sentencing must justify the theme or storyline of the rhymed song or lyric. 

We can use the following as an example of sentencing:

Johnny, Bonny and Fairy Queen’s Magic Wand

Fairy queen Evelyn

Far from being seen

Slept in a soft grassy bed

With her magic wand safely kept!

In the forest, Johnny tiptoed

Whom Bonny followed

They sang and danced

Evelyn’s sleep was disturbed!

But Evelyn, the fairy queen

Found them dancing fine

Can’t my magic wand make them

Best dancing gems?

Hey, come unto me, children

I am Evelyn, the fairy queen!

Listen, children, I make thee

Children dancing in glee

I give you this wand of magic

It can do miracles without logic

Horse, puppy, cat or rat

Even a flying bat!

Hold this magic wand

Now do what you want

Make anything dancing

Laughing, singing and bouncing!

Saying this, Evelyn, the fairy Queen

Vanished in a cloud not to be seen

Every evening from this day

Friends came to dance and play

Bringing their puppies and kittens

Who too danced like the children!

If you follow the sentencing of this poem, you find they end in matching sounds. Each and every line matches the sequential part of the story. 

Synonyms of bed

The Synonym of bed has a large number of alternatives. But it is the phonetics or sound that turns very important while using such alternative words or synonyms. The main reason behind this is the appropriate last sound of the sentence or a line. 

Due to this reason, a poet can use different alternative words depending upon the end sound of the sentence. Without the sound effect, the poem cannot be considered a good lyric. Here, you must notice that in different bed rhymes, different words are used. This is to tag the sound of one complete sentence with the other one. 

Here’s another beautiful poem that makes use of ‘bed’

Ted and Santa Clause

Silent was the night,

Scarce was light,

Little boy Ted,

Slept in his bed.

He was dreaming of Santa Clause,

Coming to his house.

A sudden door knock,

made Ted run to the door’s lock

As soon as he threw the door open,

He saw Santa with a few reindeer and men.

Seeing a long-bearded man,

Ted’s question ran

“Are you my dream Santa,

Who visits kids’ houses on the day of fiesta?

“Yes, Ted, my dear boy

Take with pleasures—these toffees and toys.

You dreamt of me,

I came to thee!

Saying this, Santa waved his hand,

While giving Ted a magic wand.

The little boy Ted

Was highly elated.

“Please always stay near to me,

You are the fountain of kids’ happiness and glee.”

Exclaimed, little Ted,

With happiness, his eyes already turned red.

“I have to now go my kid,

Like you many children are waiting for me, indeed.

Saying it, Santa soon disappeared,

Little Ted used the magic wand to rush to his bed!

In the above poem, the poet describes an imaginary visit of Santa Clause to a little boy Ted’s house. The poem starts with the scene that it was a night when Ted was sleeping on his bed. Suddenly his doorbell rang and when he went there—Santa Clause was standing in front of him. 

This emotional visit of Santa Clause will take you back to your childhood when we all were innocent and little. 

Bed, as a singular word, can also be used for various poetic purposes. For example, you can use the words like bunk, cot, couch or mattress to denote bed. If you are using these words, then the syllable of the last word should sound similar to words that you use as last words in the corresponding sentences.

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Some of the popular synonyms of words that reflect that near meaning to the word bed are: couch, berth, base, support, embed, and many more. However, while using bed synonyms in your poem make sure the last word of successive sentences should match each other in terms of their syllables and pronunciation.

In Conclusion

Bed rhymes are popular among mothers to help their babies sleep well. Even as an infant, your mother must have sung a lullaby while cradling you. Interestingly, even as you grow you still remember those lullabies.

What do you think?

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