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Chitti Chilakamma Amma Kottinda Rhymes with Lyrics

Chitti Chilakamma Amma Kottinda Rhymes with Lyrics in Telugu Song

This kid song is a perfect example of a rhyme scheme in the Telugu language. The song has already become popular not only among Telugu-speaking children but also among children speaking different other Indian languages as their mother tongues. 

Irrespective of mother tongues, children across India enjoy this song in their preschools and Kindergarten. Availability of this kid song in Apps, YouTube and other audio-visual channels has further widened its popularity among children and kids of all ages. 

Such a melodious song was the need of the hour as attention towards developing interesting bird and animal life-based rhymes were not seriously taken up in India. 

There was a void in the children’s world of songs. Chitti Chilakamma Amma Kottinda has filled this void. This song can go a long way in entertaining the children and also making them aware of ecology and the importance of preserving different jungle species like parrots, pigeons, peacocks, elephants, tigers and bears. 

The song has massive educational value. Starting from the concept of cooperation, and the application of skills, to spreading the message of love—this poem always comes on top.  

What is the Chitti Chilakamma Amma Kottinda Rhyme?

This is a very popular Telugu nursery rhyme for kids. The children can hum this nursery rhyme with expressive poses and actions befitting the lyrics. 

Words used in this playschool, kindergarten and nursery are so attractive that the little children can memorize and hum them very easily. 

The age group of the children has been specially kept into consideration while composing the lyrics of the Chitti Chilakamma Amma Kottinda rhyme. However, the melodious track and tunes used in the poem make it soothing for any person who wants to listen to it.

Due to its massive popularity among little children, this song has been converted into a graphic 3D audio-visual animated format to allow the song to reach all sections of little kids who speak Telugu. 

This song is also available on YouTube. The main character of this song is a parrot. Little children always like fun-filled songs with a story-telling mode. It will further become attractive for them if a character from the world of animals, birds or fairies is attached to it. The song has proved to be ideal for the play-like psyche of small kids by associating the song with a bird: a parrot.  

Who is the author of the Chitti chilakamma amma kottinda song?

The concept of the animated creation of the Chitti Chilakamma Amma Kottinda rhyme has been done by Videogyan. It is a media studio producing nursery rhymes, cartoons, animated 3D films for little kids and holding cartoon shows.

In Telugu, it was introduced by Bellamkonda Nageswararao, who was born in 1954 in Guntur in Andhra Pradesh State, India.

Videogyan aims to provide Gyan or knowledge to little children through play-and-learn poems and songs. The purpose of such creations is to entertain and educate little children at their very foundational stage. These creations are done in such a way that they prove to be quite funny, interesting and enjoyable with a moral at the end of the rhymes. 

Besides the playschools, such songs are also hummed by the little ones at home. This company has also developed children-friendly Apps for these songs. They can play it virtually on all occasions like a gathering of children, in the preschool classroom, on Kindergarten lawns and during birthday parties. The author of this song for little ones has opened up a new vista for popularizing the Telugu language nursery rhymes

For example, just see the poem on a parrot as presented below: 

There lived a boy—Azad,

He resided in Hyderabad.

He loved cats and goals,

Also, crows and parrots.

The parrot was his favourite,

Once who he lost as a pet!

On his next birthday, 

His parents gave him a gift,

A little parrot, 

Who ate lots of guavas and carrots.

After a few weeks,

He realized petting was bad,

He confessed to his dad.

Humans buy pets,

They give them food,

But do no good!

They can sell a pet,

Just for a few dollars or cents.

Azad opened the parrot’s cage,

As his heart transformed like a sage.

Bearing lots of pain,

Azad set free the parrot again.

The parrot moved up in the sky,

Azad wiped his teary eyes,

And waving his hand, saying Bye-Bye!

Such a song of the kid genre was needed in India. The lyrics, music and rhythms are perfectly matched. This is worth noting. The song has been written in such a way that the little children going to playschools, Kindergartens and nursery classes can associate themselves with nature and birds.

This type of rhyme should be included in the school curriculum of different classes like playschool, Kindergarten and Nursery classes to popularize Indian language nursery rhymes. If the theme is further translated into different other European languages, the aura of this song will further widen across the globe.  

Chitti chilakamma rhymes with lyrics

These days, the poem tells a lot of things. You can find the exact lyrics of the poem online to understand what it wants to convey. The poem starts with the parrot as it flies here and there. She also plucked a lot of fruits and kept them at her nest.

The parrot started eating fruits as per her needs and then she lost in thoughts as she tasted the delicious fruits. You must read the poem first in text and then you can also watch it online on YouTube to know here.

Check the exact lyrics of the poem online here.

చిట్టి చిలకమ్మా

అమ్మ కొట్టిందా


పండు తెచ్చావా

గూట్లో పెట్టావా

గుటుక్కున మింగావా

Chitti Chilakamma Amma Kottinda Rhymes with Lyrics in Telugu Song

Explanation of the Chitti Chilakamma Amma Kottinda song 

The children, especially those in playschools, kindergartens and nursery classes live in their own world. Imagination reigns supreme in this special world of children. They like animals like elephants, tigers and lions and birds like parrots and many others. They believe in the existence of fairies and angels. Their world is very special. 

In Chitti Chilakamma Amma Kottinda, the principal character is a parrot. The children are very much friendly with the parrot. There is a little element of (natural) adventure also there in this kid’s song. Since there is the music of rhythmic nature in each and every stage of narration of the parrot and its interactions with the children, the song further becomes very much attractive to the children. 

These nursery rhyme marks have the capacity to project the Telugu language, one of the ancient and very rich languages of India, as a linguistic medium for songs of the children’s genre. This jingle-type nursery rhyme is very appealing. It mixes with the natural-naughty tendencies of the little children who are now studying in playschools, Kindergartens and nursery schools.   

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In Conclusion

This song is a matter of pride for India as it can also fascinate the children of preschools and Kindergartens in different parts of the world, including the US and Europe. If translated into English and other western languages, it can certainly occupy a high pedestal in the international song world of little children. 

The writer or writers of the lyrics, musicians who wove the music and instrumentalists who added rhythms to this song did wonderful jobs. From start to finish, the Chitti Chilakamma Amma Kottinda song proves to be magical. 

The young teachers playing the song with little children also find it quite entertaining. This song should be projected with governmental and corporate help to find a wider audience across the globe. The translation of this nursery song into other Indian languages can further help the little children enjoy it across India in their own native and mother tongues. 

What do you think?

Written by Akshaya


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