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Words That Rhyme with Friends | Meaning, Examples, Poems & List

Words That Rhyme with Friends | Meaning, Examples, Poems & List

Friends and friendship are one of the most common themes used in a poem. But when you are making or writing a poem using the word—friends, you need to make use of the words that rhyme with friends. It’s ideal that before you use rhyming words, you need to keep a list of those words that sound similar to friend. Rhyming words in English have to be used in such a way that they sound similar without changing the core theme of the poem. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at all rhyming words list that sound similar to friends. At the same time, you’ll also learn about several things that rhyme with friends. You need to make sure that the rhyming sentences about friends are used in such a way that they sound melodious from start to end.

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Words that rhyme with friends: Introduction And Perspective

If you are composing a rhyme with the keyword friends, you may have to pay more attention to the context or story theme than the rhyming words for friends. A unique aspect of friends rhyme is the fact that the word friend is attached to your sentiments, mutual help, siding with you in times of need, and inner feelings. The main thematic issue of your poetic line should revolve around these aspects. 

Your selection of words with a friends-rhyming aspect should be based on expressing these feelings. To exemplify, when your best friend goes abroad or leaves the city, you feel very sorry and pensive because your friend loves you and you also love your friend. Similarly, if you meet your friend after a long gap, you turn sentimental. If your friend comes to your city from abroad or another city after a long time, you are very happy. 

Both you and your friend talk of old times often remembering some memorable events that both you and your friend witnessed. If you can create a garland of words expressing these senses, your poetic piece will undoubtedly be very good. But friends-rhyme for children should have a storyline. 

In the following poem, we are explaining how a short story can be incorporated into a friends-rhyme that may be liked by the children:

Toby, My Friend, Tells His Adventure Tale

Tiny tots we were, when we became friends,

Often running in our little village lanes,

Playing football and many other games,

Our village lay on the bank of the River Thames.

We always hoped our friendship never ends!

One day, Toby vanished, making me tense,

I stood crying where our village lane bends,

And goes to a forest with trees abundant…

God, it is you now… I depend,

To get back Toby, my childhood friend!

Two days passed, I decided to send,

My little puppy Jolly to the forest’s end,

Hey, ho, hey, ho see what happened?

Jolly is walking with Toby behind!

Toby, Toby, my dear friend

Hope you are not captured by a fiend?

“Fiend? No, nope, my dear Hayden…

I met a little alien named Grend,

And his mother named Dreadend,

And loud-talking father Fredrend,

They are from the planet Tredend,

100 light years from earth’s west end!

Did Dreadend offer candy with his hand?

Yes, yes, the candy of a very famous brand!

Made by a company of Tredend…

Named, ‘Tasty-Twisty Everfeverend!

Toby returned to the village with Hayden,

Jolly barked entering the village, named Grend.

All children made merry, including Dryden

Toby gave the last few pieces of candy to Dreadend,

Tasting alien candy Tasty-Twisty Everfeverend!

The theme of this friend’s rhyme will evoke curiosity in the little children as an alien child Grend and the candy Tasty-Twisty Everfeverend he offered to Toby. This rhyme has a motion. It evokes curiosity as to what happened to Toby when he went missing and how the little dog Jolly went to the forest to find him. 

Words that rhyme with friends meaning

 The synonyms of friends may be pals, companions, associates, chums, comrades, buddies or mates but they don’t match with the end sound of friends. They just cannot rhyme though they mean the same as friends. You have to be quite innovative in finding words to rhyme with sounds similar to friends at the end of the line. If you are naming a boy, a girl, any imaginative character or an animal, you must invent interesting names that may match the last word to used in successive sentences in each stanza of the poem.

Since they are all imaginary names, they could be spelt in any way you like keeping in mind the end sound of friends. On the other hand, if you want to rhyme the friend’s end sound, you can use such words as trend, bend, lend, send, comprehend, apprehend, town’s end, village’s end and amend. Among others, these words can match with the friend’s end sound.      

How are the words that rhyme with friends helpful?

The words that may help you to frame a sentence with a proper rhyme with friends end-sound, you have to keep the storyline in mind to continue with the flow of the theme. This is more so as friends, as a word, can be developed into a storytelling poem concerning children, elderly ones and animals or any jungle creatures. This makes it a bit of a difficult task. But the use of sound-matching end-word to tell the story can help you to find out different words that rhyme and make sense. 

Since the stories are for children, the element of curiosity, adventure, play and dreaming can be of much help to you. Let us have a look at this storytelling poem on friends:

How Jungle Friends Killed An Evil Snake

In the jungle—Brends

Tik and Tok are good friends.

Living in a tree named Crends,

Woodpeckers lived in Forest Drends.

Crends warned them of ‘Frrends’

A jealous snake with no friends.

And disliking birds holding hands,

Dancing at branches of Crends,

Standing tall at the forest’s end!

To separate Tik from Tok—his dear friend,

The evil snake, ‘Frrends’

Plots to put an end,

To the life of Tok, the friend!

Of woodpecker Tik of Forest Drends!

One night, in the Forest Drends,

Tik and Tok danced holding hands,

Slowly moved evil snake Frrends,

Firebug Ticky warned the friends.

Told them to peck at the eyes of Frrends…

Make him blind…

To save their lives!

How can we see him, Ticky…friend?

It is dark in the Forest Drends!

No fear, I sit at the snake tail’s end,

I spark, as moves Frrends.

“Tik-strike his right eye as he bends,

And Tok, “peck left eye of Frrends.”

I shake my branch, said tree Crends,

The evil snake falls to the ground, as the story ends!

Dark night came, slowly moved Frrends,

Woodpeckers saw a spark of firebug, their friend.

As the snake came, Tik, the Tok’s friend,

Pecked the right eye of snake Frrends.

Pain made his serpentine body bend,

Then Tok hit the left eye as planned.

The tree branch shook, as said by Crends,

Falling on the ground, the evil snake meets his end!

In this jungle-themed poem, we find that the storyline moves perfectly rhyming with the end sound. Thus, the selection of words can help you in maintaining the rhyming scheme in proper conjunction with the thematic representation of the poem. 

List of words that rhyme with friends

Several words can be used to rhyme with the sound effect of friends. For example, you can use such words (depending upon the sense of the sentence and storyline) as lend, bend, tend, intend, send, amend, portend, pretend, weekend, month-end and year-end.

Their sound effects match the friend’s sound. Since you are using a particular storyline, you can also use many other words depending on the context of the plot. When you are weaving a plot, sentences that rhyme with the friend’s sound can be found after proper research of the glossary. 

You can also use on-glossary imagery or invent strange names to denote human or animal (or jungle) characters. This can help you with the continuation of the story and also give a logical end to the storyline woven in a proper rhyme scheme. What matters to you is the contextual aspect. The story’s context must match with such glossary-listed or imaginary words. 

A perfect end-sound effect is very important with the friend’s end-sound. Hence, you have to be quite innovative to fit those words with the storyline. Imperfect rhyming can never make a poetic creation sweet, attractive, interesting and thought-provoking. In nursery rhymes or children’s poems, you have to provoke the thought or imagination of the little children. A few words that match with friends are end, bend, friend, fend, lend, mend, and many more. 

The school-going tiny tots will find it very interesting if the element of what next (?) is incorporated in such storylines. It causes suspense among them. This they like instinctively. For this, the best way is to insert some animals, birds, talking trees and angels or fairies. 

Rhyming sentences about friends

Rhyming sentences about friends is an art. For this, you have to give the finest expression of poetic creativity. You can easily do it once you know how a sentence can rhyme in maintaining the sound factor yet following the storyline in a logical sequence. This sequential aspect is very important. 

Friend or Crush

We worked together,

We ate lunch together,

I dreamt of our future together,

Alas! it turned out—never. 

I danced, I smiled, and I cared,

For her, I cheered.

My eyes felt relaxed seeing her, 

I felt nervous whenever she came near. 

Maybe, she was my crush or lust,

At her first sight, I felt that thirst!

The thirst for a partner, 

The thirst for love,

The feeling of a beloved person, 

Who can affix your broken pieces of heart together!

I Never dared to propose to her directly,

With twisted words and expressions, 

Gave her enough hints, subtlety.

Once she said it’s nothing, just a friendship! 

It was an abrupt end to my imaginary relationship.

We stayed as friends for a few more days,

Trying to mend our ways,

But nothing improved as such,

I realised ‘with no reciprocation,’

I truthfully loved a girl too much!

We won’t be friends again,

As she filled my life with agonies and pains!

I dreamt of a life-long relationship with her,

And there she is… hasn’t even considered me a friend ever! 

In the above poem, the poet fails to get subtle hints that who he fell in love with was not his friend or crush. She just wanted to stay out of it. Anyway, the poet finally understood his mistake in the end. And now even though both know each other, they don’t communicate anymore as they used to do in the past for professional purposes.

You can clearly see how the poet uses several words that don’t rhyme with friend, yet the entire poem was based on friendship and how the poet fails to recognize that who he was crazy about was feeling nothing about him! That’s the end of this beautiful poem. 

Rhyming Sentences and Sequences 

Unless the sequence in rhyming sentences is maintained right from the first line, you will lose control over the poem’s composition. You cannot end it logically. In friends rhyme, the proper rhyming sentences should be like forever we are friends, always ready for making amends

The sentences in these two lines make sense. This is due to the reason that among the friends, some disputes or minor fracases or alterations may take place, at times. But there is always room for making amends to such disputes. You have to follow this trend right from start to end in writing a poem on friends’ rhymes. 

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Synonyms of friends

Friends, as a singular word, has several alternatives. But in maintaining a friend rhyming scheme, such synonyms may not be of much use as the end sound does not often match. For synonyms of friends, you can use such words as pal, buddy, comrade, companion, intimate, mate and many such words. 

But the problem in composing a friend’s rhyme with these words will arise as you cannot match the end sound with them. For the sound effect at the end of each line, you have to select other words. For example, you cannot use pal or buddy to alternate with friends at the end of the line to generate similar sound effects. 

You just cannot rhyme. But you can use words like mend, bend, tend, send, lend or amend to have the same end-sound effect. You know rhyming is all about perfectly matching the end sound of each and every line in a poem. Since the sentences have to match the meaning, the synonyms of friends’ words cannot match to generate the same sound at the end. 

In Conclusion

As a poetic theme, friends is quite a common and old subject. The popularity of the friends rhyme emanates out of the reason that this very word has a sentimental touch showing closeness and willingness to come in aid for each other when help is required. For little school children, friends rhyme is very important to teach the lessons of fellow feelings or mutual bonding. 

One of the advantages of friends rhyme is the fact that you can also create several nice poems on this subject. Since the element of friendship among human beings is the adhesive that unites society, you can always create stories for little children using your imaginative power. 

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