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Happy Birthday Nursery Rhymes with Lyrics

Happy Birthday Nursery Rhymes with Lyrics

Most people know about happy birthday nursery rhymes. These poems are important and kids love singing them in class or when they unite. However, it has an interesting tale. Despite being a popular poem among kids and everyone, this poem or rhyme has gone through several legal matters. Thus, before you sing the rhyme on a particular occasion, it will be better if you understand how and where to sing it perfectly without courting any controversy.  

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What is the happy birthday rhyme?

The Happy Birthday rhyme or Happy Birthday to you is a beautiful birthday song. Every person knows the sound and tune of the poem. It is crucial to understand that the happy birthday rhyme starts with the sentence—happy birthday to you. 

Another popular Happy Birthday song that you’ll come across is “For He Is A Jolly Good…” Both poems have their fanbase and popularity. These songs are popular birthday songs and can enhance the annual celebration. Happy birthday to you is one of the most popular songs and got registered in the Guinness Book of World Records.   

Who is the author of the happy birthday to you rhyme?

Happy birthday to you rhyme is a popular English nursery rhyme. You’ll come across several articles online, which say the poem has been written by Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, or someone else. 

The real information is something else. The rhyme has already got into the Guinness Book of World Records as it has only 12 words still it depicts a lot of things beautifully and memorably. Every year, happy birthday to you rhyme continues to be the most searched poem.

Some people consider that Mildred Hill and Patty Hill (sisters) originally wrote the poem. After relevant lawsuits and copyright cases, it was declared that Mildred Hill and Patty Hill are the original owners of ‘Happy Birthday to You Rhyme.’

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The poem was published through Clayton F. Summy Company.

Happy Birthday to You Rhymes with Lyrics in English

Today, you’ll find plenty of rhymes online relating to happy birthday rhymes. There are many versions of the poem that directly or indirectly conveys happy birthday greetings.  

Not only that, you can take inspiration from the poem to frame your own happy birthday rhymes and dedicate the same to a person you like or adore.

I can tell you there won’t be another happy birthday poem as it is a masterpiece in itself. If you listen to this rhyme two or three times, you’ll become its fan forever. 

The typical format of the rhyme is to repeat Happy birthday twice, and then you have to mention the name of the b’day guy, and end the poem with happy birthday again. However, you can add your own creativity to these stanzas and make the poem even more interesting and lyrical. You can check out Google to know more.

Explanation of the happy birthday to you rhymes

Owing to the current days of digitization and online videos, you can actually memorise the poem online. All you have to do is just watch the relevant birthday videos online and listen to the poem a few times every alternative day. 

The basic theme of the poem is to extend your congratulations and warmest greetings to the person you know. You wish them long life, success, happiness, and precious moments ahead. 

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If you had to compose a happy birthday poem for your friend or someone who you like, the following poem can serve as a great example.  

This a perfect example of a happy birthday poem that you can dedicate to your friend.

I don’t know,

how to say,

a very happy birthday,

To my favorite person full of glow. 

You make me sad,

You make me senti,

For you, my feelings r plenty.

Somehow, our friendship turned from good to bad!

You were my gem and love,

You shaped my heart’s curve,

All feelings r still under wrap, 

Call me once, at least once perhaps! 

I will forget every other thing,

As you gave my life a new meaning.’

My best friend, my true confession,

Missing you is a life lesson! 

You threw me away from your heart and mind, 

It’s still okay to love, care and be kind!

Happy birthday, my best friend,

I hope we’ll meet someday

And it’s certainly not our friendship’s THE-END.

The above poem would be perfect to wish your estranged friend. Sometimes, we miss our friends after a small fight or argument. But real friendship doesn’t end there. Gradually, after a week or two, we friends can meet again and forget our rough days. The ultimate aim of the celebration is to forget the old days and enjoy the bond of friendship. 

In Conclusion

The happy birthday rhyme’s simplicity and evocative words used throughout the poem make it a literary wonder in its real sense. 

As long as you recite the poem or even play it for a non-commercial poem or in the form of a happy birthday greeting, you need not worry. 

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In almost all schools and colleges plus other public places, the rhyme has been used extensively to wish people on their birthdays. However, unauthorized use of the poem for commercial purposes is strongly discouraged.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does anyone get royalties from Happy Birthday?

Originally written by sisters Mildred Hill and Patty Hill, the Happy Birthday rhyme or song was owned by Warner/ Chappel Music. However, after a landmark judgement in 2016, the rhyme or song will continue to be in the public domain and no one has to pay or receive royalties for it.

How much is the Happy Birthday song worth?

It’s difficult to estimate the actual worth of the poem as it is in the public domain now. However, its estimated net worth amounts to $2.1 million in the form of license fees per year.

Did Michael Jackson own the copyright for Happy Birthday?

No. Michael Jackson never owned the copyright for Happy Birthday rhyme/ song. In fact, he never did. It was only an FB rumour that said Michael Jackson also wrote the song, it’s a clear case of the unauthenticated news item. 

Does Warner still own Happy Birthday?

Warner owned the copyright of the happy birthday rhyme but now they don’t own the song. It’s now in the public domain for free usage. So, you can now use the poem while celebrating someone’s birthday. 

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